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Cycle Atlanta is a joint project between the City of Atlanta Department of Planning & Community Development, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC). It is funded through a contribution from the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and the Atlanta Regional Commission's Livable Centers Initiative planning program. Additional support is provided by the GVU Center and the Institute for People and Technology at Georgia Tech.



The Cycle Atlanta app is based on the CycleTracks app originally developed for the San Francisco Country Transportation Authority.

Cycle Atlanta is a smartphone app for recording your bicycle trips. When you use the app, you are giving transportation planners with the City of Atlanta the data they need to make Atlanta a better place to ride.

The app uses your phone's GPS record your routes in real-time, allowing the City of Atlanta to know which routes cyclists prefer. The app will also allow users to report problems along their route such as potholes, obstructed bike lanes, etc. The information collected by the app will be used by the City of Atlanta to make strategic improvements to bicycle infrastructure. This will make cycling in Atlanta more pleasant, and encourage those who currently don’t bike to give it a go.

Check out the local NPR story about the City of Atlanta's commitment to cycling and how you can help by using the app the track your rides.

We have also built an interactive map that allows you to see where cyclists are riding in Atlanta. Please be patient once you update the map to start loading rides, there is a lot of data, and it takes a few seconds to start rendering the paths taken.

Development of the Cycle Atlanta app is an ongoing project being conducted by a team of researchers at Georgia Tech under the leadership of Dr. Kari Edison Watkins, P.E. of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Dr. Christopher Le Dantec from the Digital Media program in the School of Literature, Media and Communication. The team is working closely with the City of Atlanta as well as the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) to ensure that all goals are addressed. The app is a component of the Cycle Atlanta: Phase 1.0 study. This study will help fulfill many implementation requirements of PLAN 2040, a visioning effort headed by ARC to promote sustainable growth in the Atlanta metropolitan area over the next fifty years. Cycle Atlanta: Phase 1.0 focuses on the study area shown in the map below. The CycleAtlanta smart phone app will aid in collecting important and necessary data on the corridors highlighted in the map.

Bicycle Corridor Map